Passion Martini med passionsfrugt & vanilje indkapsler essensen af en lang, varm sommerdag. En neutral premium-vodka danner basen for denne søde og forfriskende cocktail. Kun de mest modne og søde passionsfrugter bliver tilladt adgang, hvor de bliver sat sammen med en dyb, kompleks vanilje.

All Nohrlund variants are created from original recipes, and by choosing Nohrlund you choose authenticity. We offer a completely new perspective on what a cocktail can be. This is because Nohrlund is devoted to the art of cocktail making, where a perfect combination of natural ingredients takes precedence over synthetic substitutes. This means: no artificial additives, careful refinement of all ingredients, and post-treatment designed to retain all the distinctive flavour nuances.

Nohrlund has created a way to bring handcrafted, high-quality cocktails to a large but yet quality-conscious consumer segment.

Client: Nohrllund